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big sexy beast, great in bed, every girl loves but doesnt know yet...
oh my god that guys such a karl
by jesus christ December 23, 2004
my friend.
non addictive,some studies show it not to cause cancer, that gateway drug crap is bs, stop reading and go light up.
*cough cough*... what?
by jesus christ January 10, 2005
Hospital Heroin. Strong painkiller, very small. Varies from K2, K4, K6, & K8.

Usually popped, sniffed, but mostly injected.
"I'm about to do a THICK diluadid."
by Jesus Christ April 16, 2003
Said of something you absolutely shouldn't do, like putting cocaine in your cigarettes or being born ganjaman and now wanting to forget.
"No you never kiss a girl when she done give you head... tell him it's the nuttin' no go so."
by Jesus Christ January 12, 2005
A diet, invented by a certain person I know called Atkins. The premise of the diet is that vegans are lower on the food chain than other humans, and hence should be eaten.
Steve just ate another vegan.
by Jesus Christ March 11, 2004
The filthiest non-dirty word ever. Seriously, just say it.
I utilized your mom all night long.
by Jesus Christ April 13, 2005
Something witty to retort with after George W. Bush says something stupid, i.e. every day.
Bush: "Gay people suck because none will sleep with me."
God Bless America!!!
by Jesus Christ April 29, 2004
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