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elton john
by jesus June 25, 2003
1. Closet homosexual who could get laid by almost any female were it not for his strong desire for male genitalia in his trachea.

2. Queer Nazi.

3. Complex sexual manuever involving a gay and homosexual man.
Stop being a Rasich!

That's so Rasich, you fag.

Mom...Dad...I think I'm a Rasich.
by Jesus April 16, 2005
A superior being born in the early 19th century to bring forth a kingdom of great glory through means of destruction.

(See also Vian)
I pray to the Alimighty Kettou
by jesus March 05, 2004
Get your ass down here, you torpid bag of shit!
by Jesus January 17, 2003
To have hair on your nipples
there is hair around the nipple and you need to shave it
by Jesus November 02, 2004
Object-Oriented C.

Uses similar syntax as the C language, so older programs can be made OO without the work of rewriting the code with new syntax.
I bought this book about C++ but I don't know what object oriented programming is, am I a programmer yet?
by Jesus December 07, 2003
v. Politically correct term for destruction or the causing of pain and turmoil.
"Daddy, why hasn't mommy moved since you liberated her?"
by Jesus March 26, 2005

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