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Meaning one who has not yet had sex.

Many choose to remain a virgin for a period of time that they see fit (for many, this means until they are married, or find someone they love), others are a virgin due to not yet having had the chance to lose their virginity. A virgin is often seen as a rare and beautiful thing.

See also: virginity, sex.
"I may choose to never have sex, and if I choose that, I will forever be known as a virgin"
by Jessica T July 24, 2005
The lead character in the story of
"Snow White and the seven dwarfs". Snow White was made famous in Disney's version of the story, and remains one of Disney's most beloved princesses.

The famous "Snow White and the seven dwarfs" cartoon movie was made in 1937, and featured Adriana Caselotti as the voice of Snow White.
"I've been told I look like Snow White"
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
Films that are made with the intent to frighten.

Classics of the horror movie genre were filmed thru the 1950's to the mid 1980's. The teen genre, though no stranger to horror movies, is believed to have caused the demise of "true" horror movies in the 1990's. Typical teen movies now often mix with the horror genre, causing genuine horror movies to often be thought of as a thing of the past.
"Horror movies are among some of my favorite movies"
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
A term used to describe a female between the ages of 13 and 19 who has become a Mother.

Most people claim that it is better for a female to not become a Mother at a young age, but a brave few say that it is is perfectly fine as long as she is willing to take on the responsibility of raising a child. Sadly, not many of today's teenage girls are ready for that responsibility.
"A close friend of mine is a teen Mother"
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
A emotion that causes people to be scared or in fright.
"My fear of spiders prevents me from touching one"
by Jessica T July 24, 2005
A slang term used by females who are feeling glamorous in a very dark nature.

The term gets it's name from Theda Bara, a famous silent film actress from the 1910's. Theda Bara is belived by many to have been the first vamp of the movies.
"When I wear my black dress and heavy eyeliner, I find myself feeling Theda"
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
The term "Arabs" is a term often used to describe people from mainly Arabic speaking countries. Many un-enlightened people use "Arabs" to define people who they believe to be Arabs, but may infact be Indians, or any number of other nationalities. Commonly pronounced "A-rabs" when the term is intended to be a insult.

Links that may be of further interest: The middle east, Iraq
"See those lovely Arabs talking over there? They are my new in-laws."
by Jessica T July 24, 2005

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