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A man with a shaved head wearing a turtleneck
"Damn, motherfucker, you look like a goddamned busted condom!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
The act of inserting testicles into an anus, sometimes one's own.
"Hey Joel, it's Chris. I got this porn you have to see, it's called 'Guys Who Buttball Themselves.' Call me back! Later!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
Occurs when a man gets excited at the prospect of something gratifying, usually gay man love; the rectum begins to seep strange boy-fluids in anticipation.
"Ooooh, big daddy, stooooop it, you're making me man moist."
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
The utterance that occurs after a man pulls his penis out of a woman during intercourse and jams it into her anus, causin her to squeal like a dolphin.
(Pulling out)...."Oooohhh....put it back in..."
(Jammin' in the ass-cannon)..."SqueeeeeeeEEEEEEEE!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
To continue on the present course of action with the intention of performing coitus in some form or fashion.
Spence: "Aww, man, I stepped in puke and slipped so much I pissed on my pantleg!"

Jesse: "It's cool, man, rock on with your cock on. She won't notice, and if she does, tell her it's a body shot and you've got the salt in your mouth."
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
It's a friggin' blowjob, you idgits!
Slobbing the knob, kissing the one-eyed sailor, the fish that ate the one-eyed worm, eating an adult ice cream cone, head, sucky-suck-no-fucky.
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005

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