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A man with a shaved head wearing a turtleneck
"Damn, motherfucker, you look like a goddamned busted condom!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
The act of inserting testicles into an anus, sometimes one's own.
"Hey Joel, it's Chris. I got this porn you have to see, it's called 'Guys Who Buttball Themselves.' Call me back! Later!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
The utterance that occurs after a man pulls his penis out of a woman during intercourse and jams it into her anus, causin her to squeal like a dolphin.
(Pulling out)...."Oooohhh....put it back in..."
(Jammin' in the ass-cannon)..."SqueeeeeeeEEEEEEEE!"
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
Occurs when a man gets excited at the prospect of something gratifying, usually gay man love; the rectum begins to seep strange boy-fluids in anticipation.
"Ooooh, big daddy, stooooop it, you're making me man moist."
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
To continue on the present course of action with the intention of performing coitus in some form or fashion.
Spence: "Aww, man, I stepped in puke and slipped so much I pissed on my pantleg!"

Jesse: "It's cool, man, rock on with your cock on. She won't notice, and if she does, tell her it's a body shot and you've got the salt in your mouth."
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
It's a friggin' blowjob, you idgits!
Slobbing the knob, kissing the one-eyed sailor, the fish that ate the one-eyed worm, eating an adult ice cream cone, head, sucky-suck-no-fucky.
by Jesse Martin February 10, 2005
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