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A simple way to simultaneously ruin your health, eliminate your sex appeal, empty your wallet and support huge corporations that don't give a damn about well-being.
Smoking is a great way to increase the cost of your health insurance and life insurance, AND your likelyhood of needing to utilize them.
by JessK March 15, 2005
Giftmas is, essentially, Christmas with the religious aspects of the holiday removed.

The name Giftmas makes it seem like an empty, materialistic holiday, but truthfully, the gift in Giftmas is more about nonmaterial gifts like love, togetherness, community, friendship, kindness, and the spirit of generosity, both material and non. Giftmas is a time to do something special to show the loved ones in your life that you care about them, and to remember the less fortunate if you can with generosity in the form of donated money, gifts, food, clothing, volunteer work..etc.

Giftmas incorporates many nonreligious Christmas traditions, such as Holiday Trees (or Giftmas Trees) Candy canes, Santa Claus, stuffed stockings, gifts under the tree, songs in the spirit of the winter holiday season, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, baking in general, the colors red and green, wearing red hats with white trim & puffball...etc.
When someone says Merry Christmas to me, I reply with Merry Giftmas. They usually cant hear the difference.
by JessK December 12, 2005
A place free of smoke, particularly from cigarettes or other drugs, including secondhand smoke and environmental tobacco smoke.
I can't go to that restaurant, it isn't smokefree and the smoke in the air makes me sick.
by JessK March 15, 2005
1) adj. Description of one who is against smoking in a particular place, or smoking alltogether (esp. tobaco smoke)

2) adj. Part of the cause to remove harmful tobacco smoke from partiuclar parts of society - ranging from workplaces and indoor public places, to ALL public places, to banning smoking alltogether.

USUALLY those who are anti-smoking are mostly focused on helping to pass laws that ban workplace and public indoor smoking. Those who want to extend it to include all of outdoors are a bit more rare, mostly because it's alot more difficult to do.
The tobacco industry has very powerful lobbyists, so the anti-smoking movement has a hard time getting smokefree legislation passed to protect public health, despite the fact that it's a no-brainer.
by JessK March 15, 2005
A more accurate title for someone who claims to be "pro-life".
One who believes the fate of an unborn fetus is more important than a woman's life.
One who thinks people should not be able to make choices about their own bodies and lives, but thinks the government should control this matter.
Ironically, they are usually also Republicans, a party that's supposed to be against government-controlled things. They also usually favor the death penalty, oppose education funds - basically they only care about children until they are born. They have been known to create organizations that try to convince/force women to keep pregnancies until birth, and once the child is born they kick them out and forget about them.
Anti-choicers also usually oppose contraceptives, birth control and realistic sex education, despite the fact that they prevent countless unwanted pregnancies.

More extreme anti-choice individuals picket at women's health clinics, often trying to physically prevent patients from entering, bombing women's health clinics, murdering doctors, harassing and stalking clinic employees, etc.
A couple of anti-choice people shouted "ABORTION IS MURDER" at the March for Women's Lives in Washington D.C. - a pro-choice rally to which 1.15 million people attended; the largest march on washington in American history.
by JessK March 15, 2005

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