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Hammarby IF is a Swedish football("soccer" for americans) club located in Stockholm. The club is often referred to as the less formal name Bajen (a short form of "Hammarby" pronounced in English). The club was formed in 1889 under the name of Hammarby Roddförening (eng: Hammarby Rowingassociation).

In 1897 the name was changed to Hammarby Idrottsförening (Hammarby IF) as a result of the fact that the club's athlethes were now engaging in more sports than just rowing. Hammarby Football has won 1 national championship title, and was up until that first title, in 2001, considered as a yo yo club, going up and down in the league system. The club has now been playing in the highest Swedish league, Allsvenskan, since 1998. Hammarby is often regarded as, in a historical sense, being the 'team of the workers' of the poorer southern parts of early 20th century Stockholm. The club is owned to 49% by the Anschutz Entertainment Group.

"Wow, Bajen is by far the best football team ever!"
"Forza Hammarby!"
by Jesperh August 18, 2006

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