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What does Wal-mart and Catholic priests have in common???
They both have little boys pants half off...
by JesJesss July 20, 2005
Courtney Coxs' and David Arquettes' daughters name. Courtney must have been to exausted after giving birth to chose a normal name for baby, so she slapped together the first two letters of her first and last name...Hence the name, Coco. Lets just be thankful that her last name didn't begin with Ck...
Courtney: Aww, you know...little Coco and baby Apple should have a playdate sometime!
Gwyneth: Okay, what a great idea. They should get along wonderfully! They're both going to be teased endlessly for the rest of their lives...so they're sure to have plenty in common!
by JesJesss July 19, 2005

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