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Nickname for the U.S state of California because of the heavy Mexican influence especially in Southern California.
Mexifornia es muy bueno
by Jersey Kid April 26, 2008
- 4,000 and rising dead soldiers fighting in Iraq
- 1,863 dead during Hurricane Katrina the number could have been much lower if the government helped out
- Millions of dollars wasted, economy plunging
- Has one of the lowest apporval ratings in history
- Was born in New Haven, CONNNECTICUT, not Texas.
"How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?
How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say goodbye? How do you walk with your head held high?
Can you even look me in the eye
And tell me why?" - Dear Mr. President, by Pink

Thanks for everything George W. Bush.
by Jersey Kid March 13, 2008
Largest city in NJ. Located in North Jersey, it has a suprisingly large and clean airport. Newark started out as a very industrial city and used to have a higher population. Now Newark is what you would call ghetto, not as bad Camden but still a high crime rate. I wish they would clean it up and stop the gang violence cause New Jersey is in need of a thriving metropolis.
I love NJ but we should clean up Newark,Trenton, and Camden.
by Jersey Kid January 29, 2008
What everyone from Jersey and Pennsylvania calls going to the beach. Don't tell me people for Jersey don't say this cause I lived here all my life and trust me 97% of the people call it the shore. the other 3% being transplants from other states. There is nothing wrong with calling it the beach. Honestly I like the term beach better but it doesn't matter. La playa, shore, beach. whatever you call it it is fucking awesome.
Californian: Dude let's go to the beach
Jersian: Yo let's go down the shore
Mexican: Porque no vamos ir a la playa?
by Jersey Kid November 01, 2007
A strip Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The Ying Yang twins give them shout outs in the Songs "Whistle while you twurk", "Say i yi yi" and more. DJ Unk also made a song about this strip club. It's a hot spot in Atlanta and known for having black women with assessts.
Magic city is a strip club, google it if you don't believe me.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007
Third Largest City in the U.S, it was built on the corner of the great lake so it actually does have beaches. Chicago is a metropolis on the rise, it was voted to have the best sports teams and has the second largest downtown in the U.S second only to Manhattan. Chicago has a lot of history, and is a great place to visit.
Chicago the metropolis of the midwest
by Jersey Kid January 25, 2008
How us New Jersey people DONT say Jersey
We say Jurzee, see New Jersey accent
Not even people in North Jersey say it that way
Not even my cousins from NY say it
We have 8 million residents, do you really think all of them say "Joisey"? If you do than your dumb as hell.
I bet 90% of you who make fun of us have never been to New Jersey, and I bet I could make fun of your state but I don't cause I'm not some ignorant fuck who makes up shit.
by Jersey Kid March 16, 2008

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