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A hand hug involving 3 or more people. *Note - See definition of Hand Hug*
The guys at the bar were gay for having a hand hug orgy
by JerksWords September 12, 2011
The sound a moist hot dog makes when it falls on a hard surface. (*It's important to note that even though it looks as though this word has two syllables, it is pronounced as one)
I just dropped my hot dog and it went suhlap on the floor!
by JerksWords September 22, 2011
The result of combining wine with Funyuns
Damn! She's got some kicking wineyun breath!
by JerksWords October 18, 2011
When playing Mario Kart and you receive the Thundercloud power up, you are forced to pass it off to someone. This can be referred to as "The Clap" which is short for thunderclap, but can also be used as an entendre for the STD slang term "The Clap"
"Damnit! I got the clap again! I don't want this...here, you take it!"
by JerksWords October 03, 2011

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