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A 30-pack of any kind of beer; 2 layers of 15 cans; The ultimate royal badass lets get fucked up case of beer available in most retail stores...yea
dude we only drank half that cube last night....fuck
by Jeremy Pearce March 29, 2004
Those really annoying pieces of shit that get caught in your ass hairs and get stuck; they then proceedt to avoid the wiping and get all hard and turn into little turd balls, that must me torn out at a later time.... very painful...
Dude that fuckin dingell berry wont fall off-its gonna drive me nuts...
by Jeremy Pearce February 23, 2004
Possibly the best holiday ever! also about no contractual obligations...
This is going to be the best ChrismaHaunuKwanzaka ever!
by Jeremy Pearce November 14, 2004
Derogatory term for a native african triabl person, usually male...classic
Dude its a fuckin pole chucker not a spearchucker...jackass
by Jeremy Pearce February 23, 2004
is when a stupid person opens their mouth and says something totally inane.
that girl opens her mouth and fuck shit falls out
by Jeremy Pearce February 07, 2004
Portable Nigger Wigger Kaffer Lyncher
I got that there PNWKL hooked up to the back o' ma chevy and im gonna go fishin' fer some blackies!
by Jeremy Pearce February 22, 2004
Japanese Slang term for a womans upper extremity...HER GIANT GAZONGAS!
Also the name of a character from DB,DBZ & DBGT
Hey Chichi, you got nice Chichi's!
by Jeremy Pearce March 31, 2004

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