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To so completely amaze a person or group of people, to the point where you have convinced them of your idea and or product.
Johnny, walked into the board meeting unprepared, but he completely, "BillyMazed" the entire board with his 'Plumber's United' idea.
by Jeremeh July 16, 2009

1. Noting or pertaining to events, activities, or situations within GamingTribe.

2. Impressively great; while in context of GamingTribe.

3. Tribic, Tribic is the most amazing, awesome, epic, extreme, or massive that anything could possibly be
"After the last three giveaway winners were all disqualified the level of anticipation rose above epic and became tribic."

"Dude, that kid's moves are just too awesome, they're tribic!"
by Jeremeh April 10, 2015

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