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A fat sister in law. She is a hefty heifer with chubby hooves. Her girth alone is enough to cause panic in almost any city.
last night I was enjoying the peace and quiet when that massive mizzle showed up and ruined my evening.
by Jeppeto1 May 28, 2010
A sandwich with both quail meet and beef. Best served hot. Often referred to simply as a Queef.
I think Ill have some Limburger Cheese on my sandwich. I know the cheese smells bad, but nothing beats a stinky queef sandwich.

I'm so hungry I could eat my queef, your queef and and even that prostitutes queef.

I thought it would be awful, But now I know its not always bad to have a mouth full of Queef. I cant wait to get my next Queef Sandwich.

Jimmies mad at me. I went to his house for lunch yesterday and I ate his moms queef when nobody was looking.
by Jeppeto1 December 25, 2010
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