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The inability to return a "poke" to someone on Facebook, when they have been poked.
Hey Baby, why didn't you poke me back? Were you impoketent?
by Jenny Jimenez March 16, 2011
A disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable, though often brief, attacks of deep sleep, when driving in a car.
Mom picks up daughter from school and begins to drive.
Mom- "How was your day?"
Daughter- "Good, I have homewo...."
Mom- "You have what?"
Daughter- Sound asleep, mouth open.
Daughter has just had an attack of Carcolepsy.
by Jenny Jimenez August 11, 2011
When you start to yawn and it turns into an opera-tic voice.
Dude, you must be tired. That was no regular yawn, that was yawnopera!
by Jenny Jimenez July 12, 2011

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