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5 definitions by Jenkisani

When you get violated at work, whether it be physically or mentally.
I stayed back to finish some extra work and the boss Desk-Raped me.

Because he was my boss I just sat there and accepted it. My self-esteem has taken a pummelling!
If I want to get violated I just get drunk and go to the local bar...
by Jenkisani February 10, 2011
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Alternate term for Dinner.
Hells yeah! I love some dinrod.
by Jenkisani November 01, 2010
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When you can't wait to get inside before you 'get inside'!!
We had had a great night and there she was stroking my cock and gettin it ready. I couldn't wait - my cock was tenting my pants! Folks weren't home, I had porch fever so fucked her on the front door step.
by Jenkisani February 10, 2011
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Alternate term for Dinner.
"Anyone up for some Dinrod?"
Hells yeah! I love some dinrod.
by Jenkisani November 01, 2010
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When a guy doesn't get to use his penis anymore either by not wanting to or not being allowed to.
female friend, "I bet he is slaughtering your pussy right now!"
Friend of female friend, "Nah he has a shelf cock. I would love him to plow me but he wants to wait a little while longer"
friend(male), "Maybe you need me to jam you for a while....?"

friend (another male mate) Maybe the idiot is gay, I'd screw you in a heartbeat!"
by Jenkisani November 10, 2010
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