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2 definitions by JenBertoni

A complex word morph of shitty and penmanship, used to describe very poor hand-writing.
Jen: Christy, will you write this love letter to kim for me? I have really sloppy writing and am trying to impress her.

Christy: Oh, you mean you have penmanshit? Sure thing.
by JenBertoni March 02, 2009
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When your friends that are normally online to help you chat your way through your work day decide to go on vacation or get jobs where they can't be online anymore. Similar to empty nest, you feel very alone!
Chrisy: I'm going to New York for the week.
Kim: Oh i got a new job. I start today, so I wont be online anymore during work hours.
Jen: Screw you guys, I'm going to have a serious case of Empty Net Syndrome. :-(
by jenbertoni March 19, 2009
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