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1. Someone who is against abortion. While most merely protest and express their outrage for it, few others go hypocrite and kill abortion clinic doctors. Opposite of pro-death, indeed!

2. Often called Anti-choice.
The pro-life woman ranted and raved that killing is wrong, and to prove her point, she shot a doctor dead because he performed an abortion. In other words, she felt that a fetus was more important than a living, breathing human being.
by Jei December 10, 2004
A self-righteous vegan who pushes his or her views onto others and will use violence, lies, misinformation and other unethical methods to promote their views.

Any member of PETA.

Ingrid Newkirk.
The veganazi just set McDonald's ablaze! It was sponsored in part by PETA!

Not all vegans are veganazis, thankfully!
by Jei November 30, 2004
1. A crappy game and cartoon about a kid who looks like he's on drugs and getting all sorts of brain damage.

2. A waste of money.

3. One of the reasons imports can be bad.

4. Yet EVEN MORE proof that people will get into ANYTHING that comes from Japan.

A WORD OF CAUTION TO FANS: Careful, people! Getting into this could result in a lowered IQ!
Japan giving us You-gay-ho is worse than them giving us a full-scale Godzilla sculpture made from sumo poop!
by Jei November 28, 2004
A troll, as seen on the pokemon boards at Gamefaqs, who gives crappy advice to people who ask for advice on movesets, like the following:

1: suggesting physical attack moves on pokemon whose attack stats suck and special attack moves on pokemon whose special attack sucks.

2. recommending horrible moves.

3: posting false information as fact. He cleverly gives well-written posts with bad advice to unsuspecting people who are not aware that he is a troll.

4: Ignores the advice from true pokemon fans who are veterans and experienced with pokemon. No matter how many times he is told otherwise, he will not listen to others when they point out the truth.

5. Thinks Gardevoir, a very feminine-looking pokemon, looks awful as a female.

In other words, if you see this person, DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM. He will ruin your team's movesets!
Shiningpikablue says: “Sneasel should be a special attacker!” Even though Sneasel's special attack is not only its worst stat, but awful as well.
by Jei November 28, 2004
One of many towns as seen in the 2nd Legend of Zelda game for the NES.
Guy: I'm going to assaram.

Other guy: Don't you mean you're going to ram an ass?
by Jei December 13, 2004
1. Someone who does not eat meat, milk, eggs, or any other product that comes from animals (even honey).

2. Murderer of innocent vegetables.

3. Thinks a meatless diet stops animal suffering when it actually adds to it, since raising and harvesting vegetables mean that animals lose their habit, as well as:
• Being killed by pesticides
• Mangled by machinery
• Trampled beneath the tractors
• Shot dead by farmers protecting the crops from pests
• Being torn apart by the farmer's dogs who guard the crops.

4. Some vegans live and let live, accepting and allowing others to eat meat and milk without hassling them. But some push their views onto others, becoming violent if people do not agree with them (Veganazi).
Hey, vegans! Don't worry about all the rabbits who were killed so that Cris P. Carrot enters your stomach and not theirs!
I mean, isn't it better that after they were alive to experience the incredible pain of being mutilated? It's oh so much better than being killed instantly and almost painlessly by a hunter or slaughter equipment, isn't it?
by Jei November 30, 2004

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