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A self-righteous vegan who pushes his or her views onto others and will use violence, lies, misinformation and other unethical methods to promote their views.

Any member of PETA.

Ingrid Newkirk.
The veganazi just set McDonald's ablaze! It was sponsored in part by PETA!

Not all vegans are veganazis, thankfully!
by Jei November 30, 2004
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A vegan that despises gypsies and jews. Identifiable by their green swastika armbands made of organic lettuce.
Jim: Holy shit! I just saw four guys pop out of a PeTA van and kidnap that Jew!

Tom: Fucking veganazis. They're probably going to work the poor jew to death at the organic soybean labor farm.
by pewpewlazers October 26, 2008
A militant animal rights activist who wants to ban the use of animals for food. They often harass employees and customers of restaurants who serve animal products. Especially foie gras.

A portmanteau of Vegan and Nazi.
Veganazi, Nick Cooney and his friends picketed a restaurant yesterday becuase foie gras is served there.
by Ted M. June 03, 2007
A vegan who tries to push veganism on other people because they're so pissed off at the state of the world that they don't want to play nice anymore.
"Stop being a veganazi."
"Stop murdering animals for your taste bud's pleasure."
by arblagarbpenguins February 26, 2015
Someone who imposes their (healthy) dietary customs on others, but are still rude. But they should not be confused with your everyday vegan who's diet reflects an appreciation for their own life and health and that of others (including "animals")

They are very much like alchoholnazi's, tobacconazis, or drugnazi's who often similary try to impose their habits and addictions on others in the name of having a good time, but these peoples' habits are proven to be unhealthy and sometimes dangerous to others. These people also empower the BigDrugBusinessNazis which have a stranglehold on American democracy, giving businesses a greater voice than citizens. These businesses invariably work against or just don't give a "duck" about the general public.
someone who feels everyone must live like they do or who only feels comfortable around people who live, look or act like themsevles
by Jock January 07, 2005

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