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The McDuffle Shuffle can be seen almost exclusively on the west side of Jacksonville Florida on McDuff Ave. The McDuffle Shuffle consists of standing on the corner with an incomprehensible sign, often attached to a tennis racket. A shuffler is often mistaken for a bum, but bums carry signs that make more sense.

A true Shuffler often offers extremely good song lyrics for sale (mostly rhyming) and plasters his windows with various batshit crazy rants.
Hey look at Jeff, he is down on the corner doin' the McDuffle Shuffle again.

Yup, he sure is, look at his sign, it says, "Munchausen by Jackass" what the fuck does that mean?

It means he is Crazier than a rathouse shit.
by Jeffwatcher November 20, 2011
Someone is doing the Broke Walk when they walk away from an atm machine empty handed except for receipts telling them they have no money.

Similar to the Walk of Shame.
Guy 1 - Man, what the fuck is this guy doing? He swiped his card ten times, and the only thing coming out is receipts.

Guy 2 - I guess he's giving up, now he's doing the broke walk.
by Jeffwatcher November 20, 2011

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