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Mighty risky.
From a Space Ghost episode called "Old Kentucky Shark." The quotation is:
"A shark on whiskey is mighty risky, but a shark on beer is a beer engineer."
"Ooh, 45 in a 20? That's pretty shark on whiskey."
by Jeff Moore March 12, 2003
1. You had better be.
2. You had better do that.
3. Expression of satisfaction.

Also, simply "best."
Albert: "I am a rocker. I rock out."
Ben: "Best be."

Albert: "I intend to give you five dollars."
Ben: "Best be."

"I win at Scrabble! Best!"

by Jeff Moore March 12, 2003
An habitual giver of head.
"Off my nuts, you sperm-burping ho-bag!"
by Jeff Moore March 12, 2003
Mikeis is saying mike with a lisp
Joe:hey mikeis
Mike:who's mikeis
Joe:its you with a lisp
by Jeff moore November 19, 2013
To trip out hard on mushrooms.
"Man, I fried balls last night -- I was yawning squirrels and shit."
by Jeff Moore March 12, 2003

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