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5 definitions by Jeff Lyons

Pronounced 'C sharp'
A musical note in the 12 tone scale most commonly expressed in the key of C# minor.
Dude, just thinking that Dmitri Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No. 2 is in C# minor is trippin' me out!
by Jeff Lyons September 12, 2006
Anything or anyone containing or displaying characteristics which benefit the functioning of a democracy.
Dissent and freedom of speech are democralicious.

My democralicious soul compels me to participate.
by Jeff Lyons August 26, 2007
Someone who actively seeks out ways to cheat death. A daredevil.
Man, check that fearfucker, jumping off cliffs and shit.
by Jeff Lyons September 12, 2006
The illiterate form of disoriented, uttered by those who find language disorienting.
Dang! If I woodiv lernt to reed I woodent bee so disorientated.
by Jeff Lyons August 26, 2007
A political pundit or commentator who is unable to think for her/himself.
Fox News uses the opinions of politiclones to bolster support for the Bush Administration.
by Jeff Lyons August 29, 2006