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A relational distinction. If you sleep with a girl, then your buddy sleeps with her. You are his peter-in-law. The relationship is one way. You would not be his peter-in-law unless you sleep with that girl again *after* him.
Sean Penn (Madonna's ex-husband) is the peter-in-law of Guy Ritchie (and let's face facts, a bunch of other people too!)
by Jeff Lebowski June 09, 2004
Uh, Sixty miles an hour? Der!

This slang is when something, usually speech, is going very quickly.
"That guy's on crystal meth."
"How can you tell."
"He's talking a mile a minute."
by Jeff Lebowski June 10, 2004
Fried Egg Tits

Tits that look more like two eggs, sunny side up (so to speak) than actual tits.
Do you remember the Tonya Harding video?

All I can remember are the FETs
by Jeff Lebowski June 09, 2004
Business to business (sales).
This is typically an Internet marketing/Techno Sales term.

Sorry this definition isn't more sexy...
Company X is going live with their b2b project.
by Jeff Lebowski June 10, 2004

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