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60 definitions by Jeff D

Complete opposite of Lacknowledgement. When someone attacks another person (physically, and/or verbally, and/or emotionally) when provoked. It can come in virtually any form at unexpected times and places.
There is simply no taking back things said & done, so the time for serious attacknowledgement may be upon us.
by Jeff D November 11, 2005
50 11
Powerful Voluminous Ejaculation.

Named as such because it shoots from the mushroom shaped penis head and often forms random shapes where it lands much like clouds do.
I hammered my girlfriends "Cockgarage" so hard that I shot my "Mushroom Cloud" all over her "Double Stuffed Oreo's"
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
215 177
Expression used to referrence a person that spends a lot of time giving head.
That Hungryman had such an extended stay that he ended up with a case of bungtongue and tacochin.
by Jeff D April 21, 2003
67 29
A person that is Enigmatic. No one really knows who he TRULY is or what he's REALLY about. He's either secretive while seeming so open and wonderful by all outward appearances or the opposite; he seems to be one thing, but is really something else.
People think that Jeff is an asshole who just doesn't care based on some of his behavior, but in reality, he's an "Enigman" that's actually very sensitive at heart.
by Jeff D July 13, 2005
142 195