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Another name for Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. It's a nickname that she got from being so quirky.
Peeves:Potter luuuuurves Loony!
by Jedi Master Luna February 03, 2006
Used in MSN conversations, when you see/read/whatever something that is really hot/cute/sweet/nice etc.
MSNer 1: Hey! Check out this superhawt RyRo picture (:

MSNer 2: OMGAH! He's so cute!
by Jedi Master Luna August 14, 2006
Used when someone feels the need to make lol (Laugh out loud) more interesting.
This someone is normally a twit.
Person: And I was like nooooo!
Twit: Lolaphant XD
by Jedi Master Luna May 03, 2006
Used after saying something random to show you're finished with the randomness.
Person: I totally don't know what to wear for the dance tomorow!
Person 2: I just ate a kiwi and it was nice./random
by Jedi Master Luna July 30, 2006
This is a more enegrgetic version of glomping.
When you are VERY excited to see someone.
Person 1: Hey! I'm back online!
Person 2: ZOMG! *tacklehuggingflyingglomp*
by Jedi Master Luna May 04, 2006
Dumblesnape is the word for the strange people who ship Dumbledore and Snape. In other words people who think they should be a couple.

Idiot 1: Aww don't you think Dumbledore and Snape would make a great couple!?

Idiot 2: AW yeah! Dumblesnape!
by Jedi Master Luna February 03, 2006
Basically aww 'cept even more aww-ey.
Gal: Eeee Look at my new kitten!

Gal 2: Awsh! It's so cute!
by Jedi Master Luna August 14, 2006
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