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A prison term for when a non-circumcised inmate takes his penis’ foreskin and extends it over the tip of another inmate’s circumcised penis.
Warden in shock: "What are you two doing?"
Inmate #1: Bridging, Warden.
Inmate #2: Yeah, bridging.
by Jebus78 October 05, 2009
A woman who is both elegant and hot
Cate Blanchette is elegot.
by jebus78 January 02, 2012
A food that is either a burrito with pizza ingredients for filling or a pizza with burrito ingredients for toppings.
Man, that burrizza gave me wicked shits.
by jebus78 April 10, 2013
A cross between "ACTUally" and "absoLUTELY" frequently used in conversation when you first disagree with something but, before you can get the whole word out, you either change your mind and find yourself in agreement or (more likely) suddenly decide it's not worth it to continue the conversation.
"I thought the 'Clash of the Titans' remake was pretty good."
"No, the original was a classic and a great film. The remake was terrible."
by jebus78 May 20, 2013

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