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A sarcastic phrase used to describe the pure boredom and bullshit associated with deployments. People who are screwed into being fobbits with combat arms MOS's are usually the first ones to throw this gem at some one who makes the mistake of either asking, "What's going on?" or "How are you doing?".
Random super happy guy walking into a center of operations: "Hey how are you doing?"

Bored fister: "Living the dream asshole. Thanks for rubbing it in."
by Jebus Chris August 01, 2009
Any form of delay or douche-baggery resulting in either a check fire or end of mission. Usually employed by helicopters flying around knowing the gun target line and blatantly disregaurding it in order to try and steal a kill from artillery. This is done because frankly helocopters just aren't sneaky enough to get their own kills, and staff officers swing from air support nuts.
Fister 1: Shot tgt#1234, check fire we have helos on the gun target line.
...an hour later.
Fister 1: Cancel check fire, end of mission this shit took way too long and helos scared them away.
Fister 2: Dude we just got fire mission cock blocked!
by Jebus Chris August 03, 2009
1) The annoying thing the AFATDs says when data is sent.
2) A Call for fire (artillery) despite being the oldest forms of area fire, arty is still an effective means of illumination, suppressing, screening and destroying a target of opportunity in a quick and timely means with variations in shell and fuze combinations. Also specific rounds can be used to minimize colateral damage.
Command: Hey why did we shoot a fire mission?
Fister: Because we wanted them dead?
Command: aijgoaihghegloaeiojoawet283u59235!!!!!1!!!one!!1!
Fister: Ok but they're dead now so....

Command: Well we wanted helocopters to kill them because we wanted to be involved and make ourselves feel important.
Fister: They can still do a battle damage assesment?
by Jebus Chris August 03, 2009

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