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The Free Safety/Strong Safety/Cornerback/Entire secondary for the Baltimore Ravens. Has a bigger intercetion radius than if you were to put every Detroit Lion player that ever played on the field... together.
Guy: You wanna hear a joke?
Guy2: Sure why not
Guy: Do you know why Ed Reed never had flees?
Guy2: Idk why?
Guy: Because he'd just pick them off
Guy2:Lame... but true
by Jdlusional January 16, 2009
The owner of the Dallas Cowboys who has had success in the past but his team lately has been... less that average...
Thinks he can merely "Buy" a Superbowl team
and who makes poor decisions in trades Jumps on to big named players nuts and holds tight -
Jerry Jones: Omg a talented wide reciever whos overzealous tears his teams apart betrays everyone and has a big ego lets grabe em! - Terrel Owens -
Jerry Jones: Omg a corner who runs a 4.3 and has a "spectacular" 4 interceptions in his 4 year career is known for violence and averages 3 yards a punt return! lets grab em! - Pacman Jones -
Jerry Jones: Omg the fastest Defensive Tackle in the NFL with below average strength and thretens police officers on occasion whos also an allegid drug lord! lets grab em! - Tank Johnson -
Jerry Jones: Omg a 6'4 reciever who consistantly gets 1000 yards a season even though he plays on the worst teams in the NFL and runs linebacker 40 (4.8) lets grab em!

by Jdlusional January 16, 2009
A superstar reciever who plays for the Idianapolis Colts and undercover OG who catches Td's and shoots up blocks in his spare time
Guy:Yo son did you see Marvin Harrison make that one handed grab?!?
Guy2:No, but i saw him knock out that 6'foot 280 pound dude and chase him with an uzi!
by Jdlusional January 16, 2009
The Most Delicious Drink Ever Not Made
A Combination Of Sonic's Strawberry And Cherry Limeade
"Can i have a large strawcherry limade"
"Excuse me?"
"A Strawcherry Limade please"
"So a strawberry limade with cherry?"
"Thats what I said sir"
"You go to hell"
by Jdlusional January 16, 2009

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