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The act of texting with your cameltoe and/or mooseknuckle. This can be done with or without clothes. Abbreviated as CTT.
Ex. 1:
Girl 1 text msg: iomg gurlk im stuick in dis borin class

Girl 2 text msg: wow you cant spell

Girl 1 text msg: uits onlky cuz im CTT ight now

Girl 2 text msg: so am i. noob.


Guy 1: So did you get that girl's number?
Guy 2: Yeah, but I just asked her if I could use her phone and then we hit it off. Hey man what's she doing?
Guy 1: Oh dude she's Cameltoetexting (CTT)!

Guy 2: No wonder her phone smelled.
by jbjr03 February 03, 2010
A variation of "Toot it and boot it."
The act of going on twitter and tweeting about the person who just finished giving you oral sex until you climaxed.
Guy 1: So you had this chick for a one night stand. Did you jizz in her mouth?

Guy 2: Duh, I skeet it and tweet it!
by JbJr03 July 29, 2010
When you cannot eat breakfast because you're still full from eating bombass chicken wings the night before.
Dad: It's 3P.M. did you eat yet?
Me: No.
Dad: You've been up since 7am, you even eat breakfast?
Me: Nah, I have a massive wingover.
by JbJr03 May 15, 2011
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