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When receiving sexual stimulation for pleasure from another person (male or female) you interrupt them to explain a past partner performed said act with a lot more skill. Then you allow them to continue said act.
I tell you I Kanye West'd her last night? I said "Yo Taylor, I'm gonna let you finish, but Ashley gave the best head I ever had"
by Jb3oh3 September 16, 2009
When giving sexual pleasure to another person (male or female) and they stop you to tell you that some from a past sexual encounters was better then you at said act and then they let you finish what you were doing to them.
Last night I went down on him and he stopped me and said "I'm gonna let you finish but Kim gave the best head ever"
I never been so taylor swift'd before.
by Jb3oh3 September 16, 2009

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