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1 definition by Jazzmonkey

Epic, yet avoidable Fuck Up. Has its origins with Tottenham Hotspurs FC Goalkeeper Huerelho Gomes, who has a nack for making the difficult saves look easy while messing up simple saves

Can also mean a fuck up that is derived from overthinking a situation that requires quick thought.

See also. Usless.
To pull a Gomes: 'Dude, I just dropped my phone in the toilet!'

'Well you shouldn't have been talking on it while having a piss you fucking Gomes'

To Gomes. 'Is this my stop? dang, I hate taking the bus, If I get off here, I can go round the corner to the shop, maybe bump into a hottie and...Ah Fuck...missed it...total Gomes.'
by Jazzmonkey April 15, 2011
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