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A comic that makes u feel all warm and tingly on the insde! Jhonen Vasquez just might be the smartest most clever man living on the face of this earth i think if i could i would fuck his brains out just for the sole reason that he created Johnny squee fillerbunny and many more memorable characters!
Help me i think im in love w/ JTHM
by Jazy (Jabber Jaws) December 28, 2004
The best movie eva!!!
a movie wich envolves lots and lots of drug, partys, cross dressing, lies, and little Mcully Caulkun (sp?)
Jesus Tapdancing Christ that movie was good
by Jazy (Jabber Jaws) December 28, 2004
A person in Which is extremely sexy
o my goodness Cindy did u see Cody yesterday? He looked sooo fuckin dead sexy!!
by Jazy (Jabber Jaws) December 28, 2004
A phrase in which i have created to give u the mental image of Jesus Christ Tapdancing!! Funny, No?
And or to use in a state of absolute happyness sadness anger disgust confusion and many other emotions!
Jesus Tapdancing Christ u have some Big eyeballs!
by Jazy (Jabber Jaws) December 28, 2004
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