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whilst the female is preforming oral sex on the male, or chickdude.... she pours boiling water (425 degrees F) all over the male or chickdudes testicals creating a watery gibletly scene.
Dude, that bitch Emily gave Jimmy the watery giblets.. now his balls are scolded as fuck.
by Jayn and payt February 16, 2008
After dropping a piano 3 stories from a building on to a hobo, one must collect all 88 keys into a zip lock bag. After returning into the house hold, Another must take all 88 keys and ram them into your ass, after seeing how many you can fit in the ass, its the others turn. Who ever can fit the most keys up their ass wins. The winner gets to punch the loser in the stomach until they blow chunks all over the dead hobo. The loser must also eat the hobo's giblets (see watery giblets), while being pissed on by a dog.
Wow! i heard emily and jimmy practice the Piano key Rampage every night! I guess she always loses! No wonder shes a fat whore!
by Jayn and payt February 16, 2008
First, take the males testicals and tie it with a small string in a knot. Extract the balls the from man. Using the string, tie the balls with the string around your significant others neck. Grab her dildo and jam it in her ass, while she blows you, let the blood set in...
Man, i saw Jimmy give Emily the BME Bowtie! that crazy mother!!!
by Jayn and payt February 16, 2008

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