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6 definitions by Jayisfap

The jump taken when one purchases pornographic images and/or videos from a dodgey looking website.
Guy 1: "Dude, look, unlimited access for only 20p."
Guy 2: "I dunno dude, looks like a leap of filth to me."
by Jayisfap July 12, 2009
7 0
Acronnym for Laughing So Much I Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Often used as either a melodramatic, or sarcastic remark.
Janet: "...And Then The Priest Walked In On Them!"

John: "Wow, Rofl, Lmao, Lsminhaha... NOT! ¬¬"
by Jayisfap January 20, 2010
5 0
The act of crying whilst masturbating. Often performed by self loathing emos whilst slashing their wrists.
Jack found life to be so dire, he couldn't help but have a crank.
by Jayisfap April 13, 2010
4 6
Someone who has not heard the latest singles, has not seen the latest films, or has played the latest video games.
Dude 1: "Hey Dude, Have You Played This New Game?"
Dude 2: "No, Not Yet, Im Culturally Challenged."

Dude 1: "Hey Dude, Have You Heard This Song Yet?"
Dude 2: "No, I Keep Telling You, Im Culturally Challenged."

Dude 1: "Hey Dude, Have You Seen This New Film Yet?"
Dude 2: "STFU!!! And Stop Calling Me Dude!"
by Jayisfap November 16, 2009
7 10
A Rumour
Beth: Oh my god, did you hear about Ellie?
Laura: Oh, not another load of Cheese Pan!?

James: Did you hear about his foot?
Bob: Yeah, i recon thats just Cheese Pan though.
by jayisfap May 19, 2009
1 4
When your doctor emails you the results of STI test.
"God dammit, i just got E-Herpes"
by Jayisfap March 01, 2009
3 7