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6 definitions by Jayisfap

The jump taken when one purchases pornographic images and/or videos from a dodgey looking website.
Guy 1: "Dude, look, unlimited access for only 20p."
Guy 2: "I dunno dude, looks like a leap of filth to me."
by Jayisfap July 12, 2009
Acronnym for Laughing So Much I Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Often used as either a melodramatic, or sarcastic remark.
Janet: "...And Then The Priest Walked In On Them!"

John: "Wow, Rofl, Lmao, Lsminhaha... NOT! ¬¬"
by Jayisfap January 20, 2010
The act of crying whilst masturbating. Often performed by self loathing emos whilst slashing their wrists.
Jack found life to be so dire, he couldn't help but have a crank.
by Jayisfap April 13, 2010
Someone who has not heard the latest singles, has not seen the latest films, or has played the latest video games.
Dude 1: "Hey Dude, Have You Played This New Game?"
Dude 2: "No, Not Yet, Im Culturally Challenged."

Dude 1: "Hey Dude, Have You Heard This Song Yet?"
Dude 2: "No, I Keep Telling You, Im Culturally Challenged."

Dude 1: "Hey Dude, Have You Seen This New Film Yet?"
Dude 2: "STFU!!! And Stop Calling Me Dude!"
by Jayisfap November 16, 2009
A Rumour
Beth: Oh my god, did you hear about Ellie?
Laura: Oh, not another load of Cheese Pan!?

James: Did you hear about his foot?
Bob: Yeah, i recon thats just Cheese Pan though.
by jayisfap May 19, 2009
When your doctor emails you the results of STI test.
"God dammit, i just got E-Herpes"
by Jayisfap March 01, 2009