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The resistant behavior of women emotive circuit that elicits right before first-time sex is called last-minute resistance...

Every woman has hardwired into her head a behavioral circuit that works to protect her from getting pregnant by a man who has no intention of sticking around to help raise the child. The resistant behavior this emotive circuit elicits right before first-time sex is called last-minute resistance. It is your job to ease her through this uncomfortable emotion should it arise. Having sex carries a much larger risk and investment for a woman than it does for a man from an evolutionary perspective. Last-minute resistance is her last line of defense before the point of no return.
A woman's LMR threshold may differ from person to person, and a woman's own LMR threshold will change depending on the value of the man she is about to sleep with and other circumstances. Here are some common last minute resistance threshold points:
2.Touching breasts
3.Top removal
by Jaycavalino October 17, 2007

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