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(1) Consumer, The desire to have an Apple iProduct due to the Kool Aide dispensing Steve Jobs on Apple's technical superiority to innovate.

(2) Investor, The sudden and rapid rise in AAPL (Apple) Stock due to the release of the latest iProduct.
(1) Consumer A, I'm going to camp out and be of the first to get an iPhone.

(1) Consumer B, You must have IPhever bad to camp out all night and all day just to get an iPhone.

(2) Investor, I bought AAPL (Apple) at 80 a share then iPhever broke out and now it is at 130, I'm rich bitch!!!
by Jay by the C July 05, 2007
A term parents of young children should be familair with that was coined by police to describes how pedophiles stalk new victims.
The Pedophile was school bus surfing for weeks looking for his next victim.
by Jay by the C January 15, 2007
1. When you have a kick ass job earning in the six figures yet you still have a beater car and a small shoe box house with a huge mortgage.

2. The disbelief of earning a huge income yet still just living an average life in the Bay Area.
Guy 1. Are you going to the SF Giants Game tonight?
Guy 2. Nah Man those tickets are expensive.
Guy 1. I thought your company just went public?!
Guy 2. Yeah it did but I'm San Francisco rich.
by Jay by the C April 21, 2015

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