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A game which normally takes advantage of women that dont know how to play poker in which they end up naked
Liam took his chance at a party and played strip poker with ollie and lost on purpose
by Jay Clarkson December 27, 2004
An extreme fit of anger or spazticness.
Normaly flailing of arms and screaming obsenities and people.
Dont Have A Fucking Shit Fit.
He Only Gone And Had A Shit Fit.
I only wiped shit in his ear when he was sleeping no need to take a shit fit
by Jay Clarkson December 26, 2004
1. What you say when something bad happens to you but dont let it bother you
2. What you say when something bad happens to someone telling them dont let it bother you

Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Life goes on bra!
Guy 1 - Shit I lost a fiver
Guy 2 - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Life goes on bra!
Guy - I suppose
by Jay Clarkson August 06, 2005
When you slit your wrists down your arm intending to do serious damage not likely to survive

See across the street
I'm so pissed of I'm in a down the road kind of mood
by Jay Clarkson June 06, 2005
When a fart feels like you have just shit out a very spikey conker
Ouch I just done a sharp fart
by Jay Clarkson January 07, 2005
A game of rock paper scissors where the loser gets hurt according to how he lost
If they lose to:
Stone - The get a punch in the arm
Paper - A slap to the face
Scissors - A Nipple Cripple

Great for playing drunk normally someone ends up dead :D
Slaps are normally the worst
Remember I made this game up :D
Rock paper scissors EXTREME is just plain even have you seen my face!
by Jay Clarkson June 24, 2005
One whose breath smells of ass
My god brush your teeth you bum breath!
by Jay Clarkson May 30, 2005
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