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An unreasonable agreement that has resulted in anger, usually in relation to divorce agreements.
A: So, you're divorced now, any regrets?
B: Nothing, except the divorce angreement.
A: Well, lets go play ping pong.
B: She kept the ping pong table.
by Jaxonxx September 24, 2009
A person who has a low pain threshold and whines about pain, they also force the blame onto their friends.

Painfail also describes someone or something failing so bad that it is hard to watch.
A: Look at him, it's disgusting, it's just a bruise.
B: It's painfail, he needs to main up.

A: Wow, that's painfail to watch.
B: Why is his arm bent like ... oh, ouch.
by Jaxonxx September 30, 2009
A fall that has resulted in extreme pain, usually skateboard, bike or scooter related.

The downfall of an authoritative figure such as a police officer or business person that results in a loss of respect, job and/or income.
A: Oh. my. god.
B: I've never seen that before, that's Painfall.
A: Well, when you jump out of a tree on to rocks, your legs are bound to snap like that.
B: I lost my appetite, lets go skate.
by Jaxonxx September 30, 2009
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