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3 definitions by JavidF

The present action of watching Seinfeld.
girl: "What are you guys doing tonight?"
guy: "We're not sure yet, as of now, Seinfolding."
girl: "No wonder you guys never get laid!"
by JavidF January 15, 2007
The present tense of Seinfeld, which can also be used as a verb for watching Seinfeld.
Woman: "You're late again... What were you doing?"
Man: "I stopped off at Larry's house to Seinfold."
by JavidF January 15, 2007
A discusting vagina, often reffered to as just "burger".
Man 1: "Yo, did you get that cat burger?"
Man 2: "Nah, bitch was stank"
by JavidF January 15, 2007