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Noun: Any action that brings a loss in respect or credibility among peers or family members.
-Food made by a person who has just recently lost respect for you
Guy1: Dude, Mr. Morry caught us drinking last night.
Guy2: What did he do? Was he angry?
Guy1: We can tell he was disappointed in us cuz he made us shamecakes in the morning
by Jate77q March 02, 2010
Noun: A superior champion. A person who is above and beyond an already excellent position.

Noun: A person who is striving/has the potential to be the best, but has not yet attained perfection.
ex. 1
Guy1-Dude, did you hear that Jake broke the record and won states?
Guy2-Ya dude i know. That guy is a champ diesel.

ex. 2
Guy1-dude that kid is gona go far someday, he is a legit champ diesel
by Jate77q April 04, 2010
An awkward action done at the end of a date. Usually associated with a fist pump or a high five. The action is totally unexpected to the receiver of the mark jackson, and comes natural to the person doing it. The person giving the mark jackson is blissfully unaware of the action, and as a result has no idea that the action resulted in a total loss of social respect from the person's peers.
John: Did you hear what happened at the end of Heather's date?
Connor: No, did she kiss him? It was only the first date
John: Dude she told me that he said good bye and gave her a fist pump!
Connor: Oh man she just got Mark Jacksoned!!!
by Jate77q August 23, 2010

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