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To lunch with someone for the purpose of making a business or professional connection, or as noun a mid-day meal for networking purposes To network over lunch.
I'm netlunching with the VP Marketing today: I want the inside scoop on our ad campaign plans.
by JasperFerg October 04, 2011
1. A small or junior person with lots of heart, courage or moxy.

2. Small but scrappy, willing to take on anyone regardless of size.

From tiger + mouse
1. My six-year old tigermouse called 9-1-1 and stayed by his grandma's side until the medics arrived.

2. Little Billy's a tigermouse -- don't pick on him unless you want a bloody nose!
by JasperFerg October 04, 2011
A really timid person, coward, wimp.

From "chicken" (coward) and "mouse".
That chickenmouse would run from his own shadow!
by JasperFerg October 04, 2011

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