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Stands for Member of Legislative Assembly, used in Canadian provinces for provincial elected representatives, especially in Quebec.
The MLAs voted down the House Leader's budget proposal, creating the risk of a government shutdown.
by Jasper Ferg February 14, 2012
Person with lots of book learning but little practical experience or knowledge. A pedant.

From the Beatles' song "I Am the Walrus".
"Expert, texpert, choking smoker, don't you hear the joker laugh at you?"
by Jasper Ferg March 05, 2011
A small-sized person or child with big-sized courage, heart and a bit scrappy. Loyal, he or she will stand up for his/her friends. Wlling to scrap with much larger opponents.
My five year-old picked a fight with the twleve-year old next door -- what a tiger-mouse!
by Jasper Ferg March 04, 2011
A short time. The short time it would take to burn a stick, as opposed to a log.

Expression is common in Trinidad and among Trinis living in US and Canada.
You staying for dinner?

Nah, I just dropped by for a stick of fire.
by Jasper Ferg October 09, 2011
Back-up from your boss. Help from an executive when getting resistance to an initiative or idea from others -- especially others who outrank you.
I won't be able to get my proposed budget for budgie breeding research wothout air support from the VP R&D.
by Jasper Ferg March 04, 2011
QPQ = quid pro quo or "this for that", meaning an exchange, usually even or fair. A basic principle in maintaining relationships and partnerships.
We can get a discount on legal billings if we give them QPQ next quarter on our accounting fee.

My girlfriend gives me great blowjobs, cuz she loves my QPQ on her pussy.
by Jasper Ferg March 04, 2011
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