12 definitions by Jasper

Hominence is a one word googlewhack.
I typed it in and got ad-hominence.

It is some kind of a quasi-holiday celebrated in the middle of October.
People carry a brass coin with a hole in it during the days of hominence.
Is that your brass coin?


Are these the days of hominence?

That's why I have the bras coin!
by Jasper October 15, 2003
A fucking perverted creep you don't ever want to know
me: thats a fat man
critt: BOOOBIES!!!
by jasper February 13, 2005
The art of jacking off in public with one watching.
You are getting quite good at the art of Jasperbation.
by Jasper September 26, 2003
a facial expression that a person gets after smoking a marijuana cigarette.
Look at Jerry he's had permagrin for an hour... fucking stoner.
by jasper November 12, 2003
The state of being extremely awesome.
Man, that's one weemy haircut you got there! ^.^
by Jasper April 21, 2004

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