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1. A small, unfortunate, troll-like human, who enjoys homosexual relationships with coworkers and being stuffed into lockers and fire safes.

2. One who has an inexplicable affinity for unpopular music, particularly that sung by homosexual bands from the 1980's.
Doogles was able to get a free flight by having his wife stuff him into her carry-on suitcase.
by Jason Smith March 14, 2003
A 20 year old man who thinks he is 36 and in the witness protection because he is divorced and has 2 kids and he doesn't wanna pay child support. He also has his penis pierced 8 times, a 300mph crotch rocket and has been smoking since he was 5.
You: Hey Shaun you gotta square I've need one for like 2 hours.
Shaun: Yea me too, I've needed one for 28 years.
by Jason Smith April 03, 2005
To be Billed again, invoices that are incorrect, will be billed again at the correct amount
I rebilled invoice 5555 on invoice 6666
by Jason Smith February 23, 2005
n. One who uses the technique of spreading HIV to opposing Team Fortress players and then runs away. Rarely considered unsportsmanlike, but sometimes will draw the attention of whiners.
Doogles was medic spamming because he's a big fucking pussy.
by Jason Smith March 27, 2003
The participation in, and following the instructions of, the "Pretty Panty Exchange" chain letter scam.
Sending anything to the names listed on this chain letter would be a "panty waste".
by Jason Smith December 13, 2003
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