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4 definitions by Jase on the Bass

The art of aiming to purposefully damage 'emo kids', mainly by hitting or 'bashing' them.

A very appropriate activity.
A - "Wanna go emo bashing?"
B - "Yeah! Its gotta be done!"
by Jase on the Bass June 25, 2006
A term originated by hippies in Huddersfield which is slowly spreading throughout Yorkshire.
Although you tell yourself you wont start saying 'Propa nice', it cant be helped and is addictive.
The term is used to portray a feeling of pleasure, contentment and approval amongst other positive things.
It is used often in the case of drugs.
Can be reversed to mean something negative by saying 'propa not nice'.
A - "Dude, check my new tattoo"
B - "Aw, propa nice man!!"

A - "I had a bad trip from those shrooms last night dude!"
B - "Aw, propa not nice man..."
by Jase on the Bass June 24, 2006
Track 3 on the album named 'California' by 'Mr Bungle' who are a band with frontman Mike Patton.
Jason: Have you heard Mr Bungle's new album?
Oliver: Yeah! I love retrovertigo!, what a song!
by Jase on the bass March 19, 2006
The best and tastiest vegitarian snack dip in the world.

Mainly eaten by hippies.

Various things can be dipped, for example - breadsticks, carrot, cucumber, crisps...
"I had some houmous and breadsticks last night... Mmmmmmmmm..."
by Jase on the Bass June 24, 2006