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The art of painting your penis as a candy cane then proceeding to get a blowjob, then when you jizz you give her the frosty outlining of the candy cane on her lips and face.
Ho ho ho, I gave Mrs. Claus a mean Holiday Honcho, she is a hoe oh fo sho.
by Jarret Carder November 21, 2007
The act of eating alot of nuts then taking a shit. Then you scoop the piece out of the toilet then freeze it in a plastic bag. Then you proceed to take it out of the bag during intercourse and put it on the womans chest and watch it melt and see the nuts in the shit.
Dude I gave Tit's McGee a great Machadamin Meltdown last night!
by Jarret Carder October 14, 2006
The act of taking a piece of shit and sticking it on your mates noise then having them shake it around we'll going "gooble gooble gooble" like a turkey.
I thought I would end a wonderful Thanksgiving with a Swedish Turkey.
by Jarret Carder October 14, 2006
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