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to show those bloody wankers that you still have your plucking finger originated in the hundred years war. often used in New York City as a way to say hello.
oi you bloody wankers I still have my plucking finger and my longbow! oh and here is a sentence with the word middle finger in it.
by Jarret August 24, 2007
Jarret is ryuranzou
he is a cool guy sometimes.. but he can be a pain also he likes to play video games alot too much and needs to find something to do
ryuranzou just killed (someone with a fucked up name on the internet) with (something that is not the best weapon, ex: pistol)
by Jarret June 23, 2004
In Double Dragon 3 Which is how I came up with my name on the internet Which is RyuRanzou, if you put a space between Ryu and Ranzou it makes Ryu Ranzou which is my internet name basically I was born 5 years ago on the internet.
Yangu Ranzou is a good helper of Billy and Jimmy from Double Dragon 3 same with Chin
by Jarret August 14, 2004
a description of how harsh pot is on the throat
Man that pot wasnt harsh at all, it was fairly smooth
by Jarret May 31, 2004
ONE OF THE BEST RAP GROUPS...alongside with D-12 and Beastie Boys...It is made up by 4 people(50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Youngbuck and Tony Yayo) some people like em and some people dont...but to play gangsta music u must first off be a gangsta then leave the business n turn to music
G-Unit stands for Gorilla Unit or Gun-It (if ur smart enough to find it)
by Jarret August 01, 2004
to express something in a large amount
damn! i got a hist load of shit to do
by Jarret March 24, 2004
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