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Literal tense: A person (generally family) that can walk into your house while you masturbate, thus forcing you to put it away. Thus making them a bonerbuster.

Public tense: A person that could be considered a 'party pooper' 'joy kill' or sometimes 'asshole faggoty fucker that doesn't know how to take a joke'

Glenn: My mother came back from the store early yesterday and I had to put it away in the middle of jacking off!

Mobius: What a bonerbuster!

Glenn: Word!



Glenn: Dudes! I had so much fun at the Interpol concert last night!

Mobius: Me too man!

Soup: Me three!

^BrAnDx^: I molested a little boy yesterday! That was so fun!

Soup: You're a sick motherfucker, BrandX!

Mobius: Yeah, you ruined my good mood, you bonerbuster.

Glenn: Get the fuck out. Right fucking now.
by Janus57 June 06, 2005

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