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Any figment of a deranged mind. From the infamous city council meeting of Charlotte, NC where local David Thompson complains about a "rogue helicopter pilot on the loose" who hovered over his property and then bailed out. Thompson is also the inventor of the crazy-person term "the bundling". The video is widely available on the Net.
Don't listen to his conspiracy theories, that guy's not taking his meds. He's just seeing rogue helicopter pilots.
by JanniR October 29, 2007
The furthest thing from a best friend, but somehow not an enemy.

Even though you sometimes want to wrap your hands around their neck, you find yourself still trying to get along with them because you have something in common, and you keep hoping against hope that they'll stop being a jerk.

Easily distinguished from an enemy or a complete stranger because you personally care if they get hurt or need something, even though you wish you didn't.
Joe, after conversation with John: That guy really pisses me off. I asked him if he needed help and he got angry at me.
Jim: Why do you keep talking to him, then?
Joe: I don't know, we have similar interests.
Jim: He's an idiot!
Joe: ...Yeah, but he's my worst friend, man. Don't hate on him, he can't help being a jerk.
by JanniR August 27, 2008
An ominous-sounding term for any paranoid delusion or undefined menacing conspiracy that touches our lives in unseen ways. Invented by local crazy person David Thompson of Charlotte, NC at a city council meeting in a video widely circulated on the Internet, wherein he also coined the term "rogue helicopter pilot".
1. The last Illuminati meeting was held in George Bush Sr.'s basement and the main topic was The Bundling.

2. Hi Professor, I've written a 23-page thesis on The Bundling; will you look at it? Hey, I'm talking to you, don't avoid me!

3. I'm not talkin' to you, man, you're part of the system. They've got you all wrapped up in their Bundling. I can see their juju mojo waves comin' from your HEAD, man! Stay away!
by JanniR October 30, 2007
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