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An ominous-sounding term for any paranoid delusion or undefined menacing conspiracy that touches our lives in unseen ways. Invented by local crazy person David Thompson of Charlotte, NC at a city council meeting in a video widely circulated on the Internet, wherein he also coined the term "rogue helicopter pilot".
1. The last Illuminati meeting was held in George Bush Sr.'s basement and the main topic was The Bundling.

2. Hi Professor, I've written a 23-page thesis on The Bundling; will you look at it? Hey, I'm talking to you, don't avoid me!

3. I'm not talkin' to you, man, you're part of the system. They've got you all wrapped up in their Bundling. I can see their juju mojo waves comin' from your HEAD, man! Stay away!
by JanniR October 30, 2007
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