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2 definitions by Jank2daBank

The wretched condition to which all residents of Worcester, MA eventually succumb. Symptoms include jibberish and non-sense speech patterns, an increasingly aluminum foil-centered wardrobe, and frequent trips to watch the Sharks. Note: Time to Worcesterization is different for all new residents, and is negatively correlated with the number of his/her Worcesterized friends/co-workers.
It took LJ about 6 years to become Worcesterized after moving to Worcester, MA. Now he wears his socks on his hands and uses them to talk to himself and his co-workers. Matt works with LJ and just moved to Worcester. He will be Worcesterized in no-time.
by Jank2daBank February 24, 2010
A self-created, self-solved problem. A soblem often reduces the problem creator/solver to a pathetic condition characterized by uncontrolled sobbing.
Albert Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Jank responded, "Not always, Al! I created and solved a soblem last week!"
by Jank2daBank February 24, 2010