32 definitions by Janis

Also known as "special brownies", these are cooked along with marijuana to induce a high when ingested. They're fun to feed to kindergarteners and watch the effect.
I fed some of my hash brownies to a baby and watched its heart explode.
by Janis June 28, 2004
A Hippie gone bad! A traitor to the 60's generation.
My VW has turned into a VOLVO
by janis February 23, 2005
A word added on to the end of either "yeah" or "no" to make it very so or not very so.
"Would you fuck Sarah if you got the chance?"
"Yeah way!"

"Eric says he got a 96 on the Biology test."
"No way! Eric is as dumb as a rock."
by Janis March 16, 2005
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